My photos appeared in the Russian magazine.

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I and my friend are planing this event. Everyone is welcom. Please join us.



APRIL .12 . Fri. 5:30pm

INDIANA UNIVERSITY Student Building 150


A Q&A session will follow after the screening, with Ai Takahashi (Tokyo Ainu Film Production Committee) and Shingo Hamada (IUB Anthropology)


TOKYO Ainu features the Ainu, an indigenous people of Japan, living in Greater Tokyo (Tokyo and its surrounding areas), who are and actively in promoting their traditional culture in a metropolitan environment away from their traditional homeland, Hokkaido. Shedding a common assumption that all Ainu live in Hokkaido, the film captures the feelings, thoughts and aspirations of Ainu people that who try to follow the Ainu way no matter where they live.


co-sponsored by

East Asian Studies Center/Department of Anthropology/Department of Religious studies/Asian Culture Center/Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures/Center for Integrative Photography Studies